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AIMS Pasture checklist
This 12-step checklist details the approach to complete a rapid assessment of pasture performance and health. A complete guide to field assessment and calculation of key performance indicators. There are three versions of the Checklist specifically tailored to pasture types within each region:

Pasture Checklist for the Northern Tablelands of NSW [691kb PDF]
Pasture Checklist for the North Coast [585kb PDF]
Pasture Checklist for South East Queensland [1,107kb PDF]

Pasture checklist calculator Right Click - Save As... [57kb excel]
This EXCEL© spreadsheet calculates pasture growth rate, water use efficiency, pasture utilisation, stocking rate and feed budgets. Tables of dry sheep equivalent (DSE) values are provided for sheep and cattle. This tool is a companion to the Pasture Checklist.

Grazing plan calculator Right Click - Save As... [7.7MB excel] (1.2x-beta)
This EXCEL© spreadsheet calculates a grazing plan to guide how long and often paddocks are grazed.(Companion Recorder)

Guide to using the Grazing plan calculator [669kb pdf]
Provides step by step instructions through the process of using the Grazing plan calculator.

Record of grazing events
This booklet allows you to keep a record of grazing events and easily update your grazing plan on the graze plan calculator. Instruction is provided for estimation of herbage mass and calculation of a feed budget. Tables of DSE values are also provided.

Graze plan companion recorder - Northern Tablelands [539kb]
Graze plan companion recorder - North Coast [547kb]

Database of pasture performance data (under development) [web]
This database allows users to enter pasture checklist data and interrogate the database to determine pasture performance on other farms within the region.

Information Sheets
AIMS has produced four fact sheets designed to assist you to understand the concepts and develop your grazing plan.

Fact Sheet 1 - Getting Started - develop a grazing plan [3.06 MB]
Fact Sheet 2 - Managing plants to increase pasture growth rates [6.67 MB]
Fact Sheet 3 - Managing pastures increases soil health [4.15 MB]
Fact Sheet 4 - Stocking rate, stock density & using DSE values to estimate pasture intake [2.76 MB]