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What We Do

Agricultural Information & Monitoring Services was formed by Judi and Lewis in 1998 to provide an evidence-based consultancy to graziers to improve the profitability and health of grazing businesses. AIMS works with the concept of understanding agricultural ecosystems and relies on sound underlying principles rather than particular recipes. AIMS has worked with graziers in the north-west slopes, northern tablelands and northern rivers of NSW and the mid-north and northern agricultural districts of South Australia.

More specifically AIMS:

• Provides project management for government agencies (e.g. catchment management authorities) and producer groups

• Provides consultancy services to graziers to design grazing, soil fertility and animal feeding plans

• Trains graziers in the 3-day Pasture & Grazing Management Workshop which currently has 500 graduates

• Works with groups of graziers to measure key indicators of pasture performance such as growth rate, water use efficiency and utilisation

• Manages an on-line database which stores pasture performance data and allows graziers to access this regional data

• Conducts field-based scientific research on grazing management

• Conducted vegetation surveys including those targeting specific species such as Lippia canescens and Bothriochloa biloba

• Worked with groups on numerous Producer Initiated Research and Development (PIRD) projects which have investigated issues such as improving winter growth rates in cattle, nonchemical worm control in sheep, vitamin B12 deficiency in cattle, use of faecal NIRS to estimate cattle growth rates

• Worked with numerous Paired Paddock Productivity groups to evaluate the response of pasture growth rate, animal performance and stocking rate to optimising soil chemical fertility



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