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Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management

The over-arching objective of this very popular 3-day introductory course is to increase the productivity of grazing enterprises through changes in pasture and grazing management, soil fertility, water-use and animal feeding strategies. The increased pasture growth allows for greater stocking rates without taking many risks. Participants learn simple, quick and effective ways to monitor pasture and how to use this information to improve their grazing business.
Topics covered during the program include:

• a description of the features of perennial grass growth and why managing the grazing is so crucial to pasture productivity.
• Understanding the water cycle and how to improve rainfall use efficiency
• Interpreting soil tests and improving soil characteristics
• The Pasture Checklist a simple and effective pasture monitoring tool
• How to estimate herbage mass and conduct a feed budget
• Developing your own grazing plan

For a more detailed description of the course program click here

Post graduate workshops

These one day workshops follow and build on the Introduction to Pasture & Grazing Management course. During these sessions we revisit your grazing plan and help overcome any barriers to adoption that may exist. The course is about your farm and working with us and other participants to ensure the successful adoption of the key pasture and grazing management tools to achieve the best outcomes for you, your land, your livestock and your profitability.

Pasture and grazing management continues to be one of the most important issues for land managers and livestock producers everywhere. The principles introduced at the 3 day course will be reviewed. Implementation of these tools can lead to a significant increase in stocking rate while at the same time improving the health of the land.

Pasture Focus Groups

With funding provided by Northern River CMA Lewis and Judi facilitate the activities of a number of focus groups within the Northern Tablelands and Norther Rivers regions. Each group has at least 6 members and participants implement tools within the Pasture Management Checklist developed by Lewis and Judi to measure and record indicators of pasture health and productivity at sites located on their own properties. The focus group members meet regularly throughout the year on group member’s properties to discuss issues relating to pasture condition including pasture growth rates, water use efficiency and utilisation, their own grazing plans and management actions to enhance pasture productivity and health indicators.

The structure allows benchmarking of pasture health indicators within farms, within focus groups and between groups across the region. This allows the participants to evaluate the change in direction of paddock health and productivity on your own place as well as how your pastures and pasture production compares to others in your area and the wider region. The focus at group meetings is to evaluate management approaches to enhance pasture productivity and land health.

For more information on any of these training programs please contact  Judi on  0409 151 969

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