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Welcome to AIMS.

The aim of AIMS is to help you improve the profitability and sustainability of your grazing enterprise by helping you to design better ways to manage grazing and pastures. Our service starts with pasture assessment to know the shape of your pastures and takes full advantage of knowing how to get the best from your pastures and animals. It's a professional service for the professional grazier.

Ever wondered  why you hand feed most winters and every drought? Do you want to find out how to reduce your feed  costs by learning to budget feed for your animals, design feeding strategies that lead to profit and increase stocking rates over time?

AIMS also facilitates groups of people who want to learn how to better assess pastures to improve management and optimize pasture performance. Our service will provide you with the management skills needed to adapt to the changing seasons and Climate change conditions.

We are a fully independent service without any pressure to sell product.

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